• Includes:
  • (3) RAW King Size Slim Rolling Papers
  • (2) RAW Rolling Tips
  • (1) RAW Rolling Machine
  • (1) KC Pop Top

RAw 2 Way Roller – The Raw 2-Way Roller is an adjustable roller that helps you roll both King Size and King Size Slim (110mm) cigarettes. These rollers were released in 2014 and are made of a composite plastic produced from hemp. The lever on the side of the roller allows you to switch from regular King Size to King Size Slim.

RAW Rolling Papers – RAW Classic Kingsize Slim rolling papers were designed for smokers who enjoy an extended, all natural smoke. RAW Classics are the original and best high quality, naturally unrefined, rolling papers, made from plant fibers with a natural tree sap gumline! These papers are 110mm and come with 32 leaves per pack and 50 packs per box. Each leaf is watermarked with RAW’s criss-cross steam imprint that helps prevent runs and maintain a smooth, even burn.


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